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Successful cases
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At present, the main has cooperation customers are:

1, AAC acoustic technology holdings co., LTD

2, nanchang castle photoelectric technology co., LTD

3, shenzhen lehman photoelectric technology co., LTD

4, yixing your xin magnetoelectricity technology co., LTD

5, kunshan Kang Long electronics co., LTD

6, TDK shinco magnetoelectricity products factory

7, jinlong mechanical and electrical co., LTD

8, the letter d and communications technology (Beijing) co., LTD

9, huizhou China microelectronics technology co., LTD

10 and JiRun international investment co., LTD

11, jiangxi lianchuang macro electronics co., LTD

12, changzhou galaxy century microelectronics co., LTD

13 foxconn group, shanxi

14 precision technology co., LTD., xiamen xin hong states

15, Luxshare

16, henan hao ze electronics co., LTD

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