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    Stainless steel material can be welded!!
    Stainless steel material can be welded!!

    Another bomb problem was developed on June 22, 2018. "Stainless steel can be welded! ". Stainless steel material does not need to add any coating can be directly welding, the welding strength can choose according to the solder paste alloy, high temperature melting point of 217 degrees, melting point of 180 degrees of temperature, low temperature melting point of 138 degrees, stainless steel welding special solder paste can satisfy any welding process. For example: laser welding, reflow welding, soldering iron welding, pulse welding, haba welding and other processes. If you lag behind, you will be beaten! Therefore, hua maoxiang takes the road of innovation and research and development as its major, and always takes the aim of research and development and solving welding problems in the world electronics industry. The company is two post-doctoral post-80s as the core of research and development, as a dynamic young company, the company's aim is: special treatment welding difficult miscellaneous!!

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